This morning, inspektour and the DITF presented the first results from the Destination Brand 20 study, which examined the brand value of destinations in times of Corona in ten source markets at the end of 2020.

What is the perception of German and international destinations during the Corona pandemic on a national and international scale? This question was the focus of the Destination Brand 20 study conducted by inspektour in cooperation with the DITF – German Institute for Tourism Research at the West Coast University of Applied Sciences, the results of which were presented to more than 100 interested DB20 clients during a webinar this morning.

Within the scope of population-representative online surveys, the brand value of destinations and the influence of Covid-19 on the willingness to visit were examined in ten central outgoing markets from October to December 2020. In addition, among other things, potential vacationers' strategies for future travel were comparatively queried in all markets. The results show that the "strategies" for future vacations are similar in the central source markets: Hygiene and safety are top priorities everywhere. In central incoming markets for the recovery phase (Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands), Germany has gained in awareness (unsupported) - as it has in China. Outside Germany, it is mainly the big cities that are associated with Germany as destinations. With regard to longer vacation trips, the intentions to travel abroad in the European source markets indicate that international tourism will also pick up again as soon as possible. In the case of short breaks abroad, plans are somewhat more restrained overall. For the German source market, it can be added that short breaks within the next 12 months are more likely to be taken in Germany. Regions, small towns and municipalities are the preferred destination types. The interest in vacation activities in the nature rose slightly to the previous year, the highest positive change value experiences the topic Culinary.

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