DB20 webinar on the perception of city destinations in the Corona crisis.

inspektour and the DITF presented key findings from the Destination Brand 20 study on the perception of city trips and city destinations to an international audience. The balance sheet for the 2020 tourism year shows that cities as travel destinations are suffering particularly from the Corona crisis. In addition to travel restrictions and contact limitations, the pandemic in city tourism is creating further barriers to visitation: on the supply side, numerous central city travel occasions such as business trips, but also shopping or events in the vacation segment are being eliminated; on the demand side, there are psychological barriers, since "social distancing" is made more difficult in cities as densely populated areas and cities frequently proved to be the epicenters of the pandemic (e.g., New York, Madrid).

DB20 customer webinar on initial results of the Destination Brand 20 study

How is the perception of German and international destinations during the Corona pandemic at home and abroad? This question was the focus of the Destination Brand 20 study conducted by inspektour in cooperation with the DITF of the West Coast University of Applied Sciences, the results of which were presented to more than 100 interested DB20 customers during a webinar on February 11, 2021.